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Championship Weekend is Here!

Semi-final schedules are posted. Good luck!!

Welcome to the 2012 CDM Region 57 Fall Soccer Season

Important Reminders for the Fall 2012 Recreation season:

1. Games in U7 and older divisions are SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION (per AYSO National policy) if no center referee has signed up by 5 PM PT the day before the match. Click on REFEREES (orange letters on upper right) to sign up for games.

2. PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY for all U9, U10 and U12 teams requires a minimum volunteer points accumulation by Team Parent(s) and Team Referee(s). See AYSO Region 57 Rules and Regulations at for details.

3. U7 and U8 divisions will play up to 9 games; additional games will be added by October 10.

AYSO Section 11 EXTRA Program (U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14) and Area Q U16/U19

Area 11Q Schedule

How to view Schedules


To view all teams in your Age, click Teams then Age.
To view only your Teams games, click Teams, click Age, Click your team.
To view all games in your Age, click Schedules, click Age.
To view standings click Standings, click Age.
To view only your Tams scores, click Teams, click Age, Click your team.
To view all reported scores in your Age, click Schedules, Click Age.
To view all information relating to the C D M SOCCER, click Homepage.


To report score, click on schedules, age, report score.
Follow instructions in the report score window.
Do not press back. Your score will be reported in "Real" time.
Remember to press "Reload" or "Refresh" after posting scores.
Please contact your local Scheduler for report score “password” if needed.


Pleass e-mail Region 57 Scheduler (Gary Wright) with the following information.
Gender / Age of Team.
Name of Team.
Game number.
Corrected score with home goals first, then away goals.
Name and postition of person requesting score change.

Please contact C D M SOCCER with all questions relating to schedules.

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